Kindergarten and Preschool

The Kindergarten at the DISJ is made up of two groups, 3 to 4 year old 'Caterpillars' and 4 to 5 year old 'Butterflies'. All children spend playtime together. That way the young ones can learn from the older children.

First we begin with our morning circle, which we use specifically to introduce new subjects and discuss the daily routine. The subjects are inspired by the different seasons and traditional festivities in Germany. Songs and creative works are chosen fittingly to the subjects and if possible, we end the subject with a trip.

To make the entrance into the German language easier for our Kindergarten children, we offer German as a foreign language (DaF) four times a week. Here the children in small groups, are playfully introduced to the German language, here the learning level is consistently increased. After the second year of Kindergarten, it is time to move to preschool, or rather the 'Wobbly Tooth' group. This year is the preparation year for the first grade. Through differentiated exercises the children develop concentration and increase their stamina to blossom their mathematically-logical imagination. Additionally, to the language sensitive daily routine, there is also specific German language training.

Generally, it is important to our teachers, especially in these early years, to offer every child the possibility to develop their own personality, become independent and explore the world around them.

For that, we want to offer a space of security, in which the child can grow in a known and loving atmosphere, while feeling respected and happy.