In September DISJ welcomes new first graders to begin their school journey in our Elementary School. Together with those who have been with us for a while, they will learn from each other about their diverse cultural backgrounds within a nurturing environment where every voice is heard. In our vibrant school community all children are immersed to German culture and traditions. DISJ is a “Deutsche Auslandsschule” (German school abroad). Our language of instruction is German. Students who lack language proficiency are receiving DaF- lessons. (German as a foreign language) As in other German schools abroad our Elementary School follows the curriculum of Thüringen state in all subjects. (Except Arabic Mother Tongue)

Subjects taught in Elementary School are:

  • German
  • Social Science/Science
  • Mathematics
  • Arabic (Mother Tongue/Foreign Language)
  • English (Foreign Language)
  • Art
  • Physical Education
  • Music

During the afternoons the students can choose among a large variety of age group tailored extracurricular activities. During vacation language and culture camps are offered in Germany.

At DISJ Elementary School we believe that learning is not just about the acquisition of facts. With an eye on the future we have a holistic approach to learning and teaching to develop critical, independent thinkers and confident leaders. Differentiation is used in our classrooms to meet each student’s individual needs.

Together with our Elementary faculty we support the children as they demonstrate responsibility, respect, friendship, kindness and honesty. We know that these foundational years are truly a once in a –lifetime experience and it’s our privilege to partner with families through this important time.