German Foreign School Jeddah

The DASJ is an acknowledged German school abroad which is close to the Red Sea, in the beautiful port city of Jeddah.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of the German Foreign School Jeddah (DASJ) has been in existence since 2004/2005. In 2011, the respective committees decided on new specific principles and the Mission Statement was completely edited as well as newly written. It expresses the values shared by the school's pupils, teachers, parents, and employees. It influences our way of acting and thinking and is obligatory fo the entire school community. 

Our Mission Statement consists of the following eight guiding principles:

  1. The DASJ is an acknowledged German school abroad which maintains a high level of quality from kindergarten up to IB
  2. The DASJ is a school for families with a German language background and for those who plan a future in a culture of German language.
  3. Working together in a democratic and confident atmosphere offers everybody a sense of belonging and solidarity within the school. This is based on a European liberal understanding.
  4. Respect and tolerance are a solid foundation for a productive cooperation between teachers and students.
  5. The school takes advantage of its cultural diversity among students and their parents.
  6. At the DASJ we equally encourage and demand that students work to their highest ability. This is an open and constantly changing process.
  7. Furthermore, we support the individual development of every child and young adult.
  8. The DASJ’s main focus is on language education. 

About the School


The DASJ kindergarten consists of two groups, our 3-4 year old Caterpillars and our 4-5 year old Butterflies. The leisure times are spent together, so the little ones can learn from the older children.


The elementary stage covers grades 1 to 4. In addition to the common subjects taught in Germany (German, mathematics, science, art, music and physical education), English and Arabic are also taught in differentiated ways.

Secondary I

After the primary school, the Orientation level in year 5 follows. During the course of this year, the respective teachers will assess the pupils’ acquired proficiency level during the course of this year. Accordingly, the pupils will be assigned to three acknowledged German proficiency levels (“Hauptschule”, “Realschule” or “Gymnasium”).

Upper School / GIB

The DASJ upper school in the form of the "Gemischtsprachiges International Baccaulaureate" (GIB) prepares the young adults to a great degree for university work and a successful life after school. The diploma gives them international access to universities. More...
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Language Courses

The DASJ offers German language courses in small groups with qualified teachers. No matter, if one is interested in the language or wants to study or live in Germany, our language courses are right for you!


The DASJ offers its students many different facilities to ensure a beautiful environment and a happy atmosphere. Not only learning-friendly classrooms and sport facilities, but much more is provided by the school.


Should you have any questions about our school, you can always get in contact with us. Our friendly team will help you as best as possible.

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