The classrooms which are fully equipped are light and friendly. From year 1 onwards, there is an installed projector in each classroom.


In the library, there are more than 5000 books, magazines, DVDs and games. These can be borrowed for a specific period of time by the pupils.

Media Room

Through the school’s laptops, the pupils acquire media literacy. Under the IT teacher’s guidance, the students learn more about Internet Security and how to do research.

Natural Science Rooms

The subjects Biology, Physics and Chemistry are taught in rooms which are especially equipped for Natural Sciences. All necessary equipment can be found for optics, mechanics or microscopy.

Music Room

The Music Room is equipped with a piano, drums, and percussion instruments.

Language Room

The Language Room is used to work intensively with small groups of pupils.

Art- & Crafts Room

The art and crafts room is light and airy and is furnished and functional for using a range of media which the pupils can work creatively.


"The school’s own gymnasium offers various opportunities to pupils during physical education, special breaks (“bewegte Pause”) or afternoon activities. When celebrating the talent show, the winter or summer festival, the pupils show all their skills and talents onstage.


During the winter months, the pool which is located in Nada Compound will be used in order to acquire swimming badges or to celebrate our popular “swimming festival”.


The schoolyard which was refitted in 2018 offers the students shady places, table-tennis and a spacious sports field. In the cafeteria, freshly prepared meals, refreshments and snacks are available.

Afternoon Activities

Playing basketball, soccer, or doing martial arts? Or do you prefer baking, doing handicrafts or experiments? Apart from homework tutoring, the DISJ offers various afternoon activities. 


After school or afternoon activity (1:25pm / 1:50pm; 3:25pm), the school buses take the children safely home. In the morning, they are picked up and brought to school.

Refreshments & Snacks

Refreshments & Snacks are available in the school.